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Muscle Mechanix is a revolutionary online platform that teaches you advanced aspects of injury prevention, recovery, and performance optimization. We educate, equip, and empower you with mobility (stretching, foam rolling) and stability (exercises) so you can move better, heal better, and live better. 


We specialize in human movement and biomechanics, and our goal is to deliver this education and training right where you are (at home workout) so you can learn these concepts, apply them, and experience the improvements. 


Most tension, irritation, compression, inflammation, and even injury stems from dysfunctional movement patterns. Inappropriate movement leads to excessive stress & strain, which leads to wear & tear, inflammation, and eventually injury. 


Our body functions as an entire system. Each link (muscle, joint) in the "chain" can affect the rest of the system. Limited ankle dorsiflexion (lifting of the foot) leads to excessive stress in the Achilles, plantar fascia, calf, and even the hip. Understanding how our body moves and functions as an entire system allows us to be able to apply the correct strategy (stretch, roll, or muscle activation), to the right area, at the right time. Using this systematic approach allows us to mitigate risk factors for injury and optimize our performance.


"Doctor" means teacher. This platform is breaking the mold and providing you with exclusive access to knowledge that has the power to help you move better, heal better, and live better.


Movement is Medicine,


Dr. Matthew Brackney D.C. CCSP®, ATC, M.ed.    

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Mucle Mechanix is not intended to diagnosis or treat any medical condition. This platform is for educational purposes.If you are injured, seek the evaluation of a qualified medical professional.

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